Fortnite Account Generator With Skins Included

So then, you want a new Fortnite account? How about one with all of the games‘ rare skins?

Well you are in luck as we have just released our free Fortnite Account Generator

Free Fortnite Accounts

To get access to these accounts, simply click on the link below:

Once you get to the generators page, all you have to do is follow the simple steps and then you will be able to login to your free Fortnite account.

Find and calculate Fortnite account value

fortnite account generator

Once you have generated your Fortnite account, you may want to know how much it is worth.

How much is my Fortnite account worth? How can I calculate and determine the value of my Fortnite account? If you have already bought one or the other V-Bucks for real money at Fortnite and bought one or the other legendary or epic skin in the shop, you may be wondering how much money I have already spent in Fortnite and how does it look with the Account-value?

How much is my Fortnite account worth?

If you want to determine the account value in Fortnite, there are several possibilities. If you just want to calculate the value of the V-bucks and skins, you just have to look at how much money you spent on the V-bucks. A legendary skin typically costs 2,000 V-bucks, an epic skin costs 1,500 V-bucks, a rare skin costs 1,200 V-bucks, and an unusual skin costs 800 V-bucks. But then there are the pickaxes, gliders and maybe even one or the other emote. In addition, some skins have not been offered in the shop for a long time and have a completely different value.

Calculate Fortnite Account Value

In order to get a rough overview of how much your own Fortnite account is worth, you can add up the costs of the V-Bucks as mentioned and on the other hand, you can use online services like the “Fortnite Account Value Calculator” on the website recourse. Here not only the value of the skins but also the level and thus the playing time is included. Via the account value calculator you can include the edition, the number of different skins as well as the level in the calculation and then the calculator gives you the current value.

By using our Free Fortnite Account Generator with skins, you will be able to get high-value accounts at the click of a button

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