Fallout Shelter Save Editor For PC/Android/iOS

Welcome To Our Fallout Shelter Save Editor

By using our downloadable save editor for Fallout Shelter, you will be able to change most of the values of the game in order for you to, for example, give yourself more of a certain item.

To download this save editor, just click on the download button below:


Download For Android


Download For iOS


Download For PC



  • Customize your vault dwellers.
  • Autocomplete all objectives.
  • Change number of Radaways/stimpacks fo reach dweller.
  • Copy vault dwellers.
  • Editable pets.
  • Change the number of your vault.
  • Add any item you wish to your vaults storage.
  • Survival Guide editor.
  • Edit your vault storage.
  • Fix glitches that may have happened to the game time.
  • Create an infinite amount of water/power/caps.
  • Spawn legendary vault dwellers.
  • Mode changer.

How to use this save editor

Here is how to use each version of this FS save editor:

Android/iOS Version

Fallout Shelter Save Editor Android

  • Download the file using the correct link above
  • Make sure you have enabled the setting on your phone to allow installations from unknown sources
  • Copy the downloaded file to your phone/tablet
  • Find the file using a file manager
  • Click it and install
  • Once installed, find the newly created icon in your apps menu and run it
  • Enjoy

PC Version

Fallout Shelter Save Editor PC

  • Download the file using the correct link above
  • Unzip the file
  • Run the unzipped file
  • Enjoy